Thursday, 27 September 2012

Have a Great Holiday Room 4 :)

A big happy birthday to Wirihana and Kayil. Wirihana's mum sent a beautiful cake to school for Wirihana to share with the rest of the class. We all sang happy birthday to Wirihana and Kayil before the children dug into the chocolate cake. Sadly Brooke is leaving us this term to move to Dunedin. We will miss you Brooke and hope you enjoy your time in Dunedin.

Miss Robinson took a couple of sneaky photos of the Kapa Haka performance this afternoon so I have included a photo of that too. Congratulations to the Kapa Haka group. I hear you all did a fantastic job! Have a great holiday Room 4 and I will see you all again at the start of Term 4.

From Miss Gentil

Our Homemade Burgers

Over the past week we have participated in a very exciting bread unit. On Tuesday we did a rotation with the rest of the syndicate. We had an opportunity to sample different types of bread, had a go at designing our own burger and learnt a lot about the nutritional value of bread. Yesterday we spent the morning making bread rolls for our burger buns, from scratch! The bread rolls weren't as big as we expected, but were still yummy! Today we made our meat patties. Some of the children from Room 1 helped to collect fresh lettuce for our burgers from the school gardens. By about 12.00pm we were all sitting down in our classrooms eating our burgers. It was too wet to eat outside as a whole syndicate so we stayed inside where it was warm. There were lots of extra patties so some of us had seconds and even thirds! We would like to say thank you to all of the parents who came in to help out with the BBQ. We really appreciate your help and the burgers were delicious!!

Room 4

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Taniwhas visit

Last Friday the Northland Taniwha Rugby Team came to Morningside School for our Duffy assembly.The Northland Taniwha players presented our Duffy books. Next we sang the Duffy song to them and they sang their Tongan song to us. After that they did jump jam with us. While jump jam was going on people were hanging around the Northland rugby team for signatures. After that they came to our classes to give out our Duffy books. They signed our Duffy books and then they had to go because they had to visit two other schools that day. We enjoyed meeting the northland taniwha rugby team!
By Jony and Jordi.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Snuggles Visits School

Yesterday  Miss Gentil brought in her new rabbit Snuggles for a visit.She is very small and fluffy.Her breed is a Jersey Wooly, which is very easy to confuse with wooly jersey! She is a cross between a Netherland Dwarf and an Angora rabbit. Angora rabbits look very big because they are very fluffy. Everybody in our class got to hold her. In the morning before school she was very crowded by the children. After we did fitness she went to Room 11 and 12. They loved her! Then Snuggles and I went to room 8 and 2, everybody said "thank you very much".

We have a new girl in our class her name is Lola. She is very nice. Lola is in one of the photos with Snuggles.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

We are People Savers!!

Today Rima from New Zealand Red Cross came to our school to deliver the People Savers Programme. First we learnt how to put someone into the recovery position. If someone is unconscious you put them on their side, in the recovery position so they don't choke on their tongue or their vomit. We also learnt how to help a person who is choking. Gillian was an amazing patient. Rima used Gillan as a model to demonstrate what to do if a person is bleeding and has an object stuck in their wound. We learnt that you never remove the object from the wound. The limb must be elevated, then pressure is applied before dressing the wound. You should always ask an adult to help you with this. We got to have a turn at dressing each others arms and making a sling. Rima also taught us how to find our pulse. We discovered that our pulse is quicker after physical activity. We learnt a lot today and enjoyed all the 'hands on' activities. At the end of the day we were each presented with our own People Savers certificate from Red Cross.

By Room 4

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dutch lollies and windmill cookies!!

Good morning Room 4. It's 8.15pm on Tuesday night in Holland so it is probably about 6.15am on Wednesday morning for you. Today I went for a bike ride and bought some Dutch lollies to share with you when I get back to school. Caitlin, I am still trying to find some gluten free lollies. I will keep looking. I bought a special windmill cookie cutter yesterday. I thought it would be fun to maybe bake some gluten free biscuits and we can use the cookie cutter. There might also be something coming in the mail for you Room 4. It may take just over a week to get from Holland to NZ though. Enjoy your last two weeks with Mr Green and I will see you soon :).

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Beautiful Swiss Alps

Switzerland was my other favourite country so far so thought I would share a couple of photos from my visit here too. The houses are beautiful in Switzerland. Most of them are built from wood instead of bricks and have brightly coloured flower boxes that sit below the windows. I will post a photo of one of the houses I saw to give you a better idea. While we were staying in Switzerland I went up to Jungfrau Mountain. It is 3,454 metres high, making it the highest point in Europe. It is also a World Heritage site. To reach Jungfrau Mountain you have to go by cog railway. At the top is the highest railway station in the world. Because it is so high up there is snow there all year round. So even though it is summer here we had to dress up in warm clothes when we went up the mountain. We had lunch up there and had a snow ball fight! On our way to the Swiss Alps we drove through a town called Lucerne. There is a beautiful wooden bridge that crosses the lake to the other side of the town. In the lake live a lot of white swans. Here are some photos for you to have a look at...
Our colourful classroom!! on PhotoPeach